What kind of sunflower oil to choose?


How to choose a shelf in front of the store? Because there are many types of sunflower oil, and each has its purpose. Its diversity amber, almost transparent, odorless, with a light or a strong aroma of roasted seeds will make you confused. Let us consider the example of sunflower oil production, created with love and one of the best manufacturers of Ukraine. What Others and abroad.

The range of the brand "Cook Richelieu" expressed major, presented at the Ukrainian market types: the most popular today - refined, deodorized; the most useful - similar domestic sunflower oil with a pleasant rich aroma of roasted seeds - "fragrant".

We, as consumers, need to get the maximum benefit from the product with minimum damage. For this, it is important to consider the appointment and recommendations for use of the product. Cold pressed oil has the highest concentration of vitamins and minerals. Squeezed from select seeds at low (55 degrees) temperatures, minimal filtration allows to separate unwanted and not very useful components. Leaving all necessary and healthy. This product, taking into account the technology is not cheap, so that a producer receives only a small portion of oil from seeds. Which is perfect for cooking salads and cold dishes.

Fill the dish nostalgia will oil & quot; fragrant & quot ;. Familiar to us from childhood - many of us from resorting Street & nbsp; home, hungry, happy tasted a slice of bread with salt and flavored sunflower oil. An important advantage of & laquo; fragrant & raquo; in comparison with oil, made on domestic oliynitsyah - its filtration and high standards of production. Fry on it is not recommended, as preserved vitamins and organic substances when heated it will burn. Stored oil is about one year.

But frying or other heat treatment is better to use refined, deodorized brands & laquo; n & raquo ;. Do not be afraid & nbsp; a long name with incomprehensible words from different processes. Higher degree of purification, freezing, bleaching, deodorization saturated steam leads to an almost complete lack of taste and smell. As the presence of a minimum number of nutrients. This makes it ideal for frying. Hostess will be pleased when you do not notice the smoke and soot. Oil does not foam, with strong heating does not emit harmful substances. The absence of impurities and natural properties allow stored in sealed original packaging for 2 years.

Summing up we can say that each type has its link, which shows itself best. It has its own, pronounced qualities. Use oil on purpose and get the maximum benefit.

Stay healthy!

Author: Maxim Logvynenko

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