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Sauce tames gourmet palate

June 29, 2015

Any food we eat with a variety of seasonings. Already a new flavor to our dishes a lot of years gives us abundance of sauces. The first mentions of one of the oldest sauces have been in the cookbook of famous Roman gourmet Apicius (dated to the 1st century BC). It was widely used and mentioned the sauce "Garum". The Romans have even used it as a medicine. According to this book, the sauce was popular with all segments of the population of ancient Rome. Since then, its popularity in the world is not quenched. more 

Tomato paste

June 20, 2015

Do you like to cook ?? To come running to you neighbors and relatives that would enjoy your culinary masterpiece? Whatever you are prepared, you can not to imagine a pizza, borscht, soups without tomato. What to do? - For tomatoes, seasonal plant. Always have. Canning time-consuming process. You just do not like to engage in it. We have done everything for you. To keep your food the same taste and quality. Using tomato paste, you feed the household favorite borscht all year round. more 

How we produce our refined sunflower oil

June 18, 2015

Sunflower oil is a popular product. Everyone has seen at least one advertisement, dedicated to his refined kind, and many prefer it. The inscription on the bottle "refined" immediately attracts attention, and you like are without noticing put it into the cart. Read the label on, find a lot of obscure words. All instantly complicated. Winterized? Deodorized? more 




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