Company history

Kukhar Rishelie administrative buildingOur history—the history of the Kukhar Rishelie (Cook Richelieu) brand name—has started not so long ago, in 2012. That year gave a start to production of outstanding mayonnaise sauces following original French recipes using state-of-the-art Ukrainian process equipment.

Initially, our mayonnaise product range was represented by a high-calorie sauce with a fich, full taste—a true favorite!—as well as sauces with regular or low sunflower oil content. Our wonderful mayonnaise lineup was complemented by two types of sunflower oil, characteristic of the Ukrainian cooking style. These are: refined sunflower oil intended for frying, and unrefined salad-dressing oil with its warm aroma of roasted sunflower seeds.

Sunflower oil bottling processIt is impossible for a responsible foods producer targeting a wide consumer market to operate without an accredited laboratory, and such a lab, staffed with experienced technical personnel and fitted out with state-of-the-art instrumentation, was in fact created. In 2013, our company launched another product: mustard. Spicy and fragrant, it is packaged in glass or plastic cups which preserve its spiciness and aroma.

Striving to expand its product range with tomato products, Gidrosend LLC commenced production of tomato paste, ketchup, and five types of tomato sauces in 2014.

Lab technician performing analysesWe cherish our consumers' sympathies and care about our partners' loyalty. To ensure our product shipments are made properly and in a timely manner, we use dedicated storage facilities and proven delivery channels. Caring about healthy nutrition, we introduced a new type of sunflower oil—cold-pressed virgin oil that preserves a maximum of vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids—in 2015. A true healthy food product, such oil is available commercially at an affordable price.

Truck loading hubWe are constantly looking for ways to improve our production and our product formulas to create healthy and nourishing relishes which would naturally supplement and enhance your both everyday and special meals. We want to assure you that we give our utmost attention to all feedback and comments and thank you for your contribution in making our products even better!




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