Tomato paste


Do you like to cook ?? To come running to you neighbors and relatives that would enjoy your culinary masterpiece? Whatever you are prepared, you can not to imagine a pizza, borscht, soups without tomato. What to do? - For tomatoes, seasonal plant. Always have. Canning time-consuming process. You just do not like to engage in it. We have done everything for you. To keep your food the same taste and quality. Using tomato paste, you feed the household favorite borscht all year round.

It remains to understand what you will do. First, you need to figure out what should be a real tomato paste. In Italy, for example, to this day remains the manufacturers, it is manufactured according to old technologies. On wooden boards laid chopped tomatoes and go under the sun, where they dry up. To the best of the dried pieces were collected and milled. Then pack the banks, without the addition of preservatives to increase "vitality" of the product. Such a product is a concentrate. But in view of its features it is not stored for a long time, and the cost will be expensive.

Most importantly, raw materials. Everyone knows the most delicious Ukrainian tomatoes. Europeans often praise them for their taste, perfect color, shape. Our country produces two kinds of tomato paste: top grade, first grade.

When buying, you need to carefully examine the products. Ideal glass containers, ecologically impeccable and you will immediately see the product. Pay attention to the color. It should not be purple or bright (bright almost "poisonous red"). A red - an indicator of quality, ripeness of tomatoes. To paste red (red with brown tinge) color - a sign used in the production of mature and high-quality raw materials. Consistency - an important factor. The paste should not flow down the walls too quickly. This indicates a low concentration of tomatoes. Rather, such content can be called a tomato product. It should not be fixed - in this case, the manufacturer used thickeners.

The Ukrainian law tomato paste can be referred to a product with a concentration of tomato from 25% to 40% solids. If it's all right, look composition. To paste the premium requirements imply the presence in the tomatoes with only indication that this is a fresh tomatoes. No other materials should not be there. To paste the contents of Class I salt, starch, and the permitted amount of preservatives. In addition to the composition of the label, and everything else you need to seek the inscription "zgіdno DSTU target" or "target zgіdno TUU". This means that the product is made in accordance with applicable law.

Finally, make sure the quality of your new product will allow 2 test, which will lead to clean water from any manufacturer:

Test 1.

Open a can of tomatoes. Rate smell. We feel the scent of fresh tomatoes - you are the victim of fraud. Tomato paste will never be as smell. It flavors. This may not mean that the product is not suitable to use. The absence of such a part of what we have carefully checked the store, suggests the idea is not good. In any case, such a trust is not the manufacturer.

Test 2.

Enter a pot of plain water. If there is a clear - better. Take the tomato paste as much is not enough for the volume of the pot. This may be a spoon. Place the pasta in water. If the water is the same hour takes color paste nearly plunged the spoon water, not stirred - a product filled with dyes. They interact well with water and stain it. Only this spoon tomato paste is unable to dye a water pan spoon and stirring.

Stay healthy!

Author: Maxim Logvynenko