Sauce tames gourmet palate


Any food we eat with a variety of seasonings. Already a new flavor to our dishes a lot of years gives us abundance of sauces. The first mentions of one of the oldest sauces have been in the cookbook of famous Roman gourmet Apicius (dated to the 1st century BC). It was widely used and mentioned the sauce "Garum". The Romans have even used it as a medicine. According to this book, the sauce was popular with all segments of the population of ancient Rome. Since then, its popularity in the world is not quenched.

Later, there were other varieties of sauce. The immense popularity gained: ketchup, tartar, fish sauce, mayonnaise, garlic, bechamel, satsebeli, katyk, soy sauce and others.

With sauce eat everything: pasta, kebab, fried potatoes, sausages ... He will add sharpness, and even spices give the dish a rich flavor. Very opportunely: it excites the taste buds, which contributes to a better appetite and digestion.

Cooking - a delicate and an exquisite. Satisfy the taste of gourmets is often not an easy task. Each dish is must be able to present, to emphasize its taste, and create some punch line. It is this feature can be well-cooked sauce. The same dishes will be perceived differently with different sauces. It will change their smell, appearance and taste. Correctly chosen sauce can supplement and diversify the taste, make it unique.

olivieAccording to the basis and the main components, sauces can be divided into several basic types. You must do this on the basic ingredients. The most familiar and, undoubtedly, the most common, by law, will the mayonnaise.

I think that readers not find among those who have not heard about it. For example, in the African countries has long been considered the mayonnaise product of a rare delicacy. Local residents with a smile on his face eating the seasoning without anything. But we are with you a long time know the taste of excellent salads with mayonnaise. Which alone is worth, olivier salad and herring under a fur coat.

Derived from mayonnaise sauce - is tartar. Here you have and the vegetable oil, and egg yolk, onions, parsley, tarragon, pickled cucumbers and garlic. A delicious and healthy cocktail. But this sauce can be applied not with all meals.

шашлык под соусом

Incalculable quantity of tastes and universality of application made it the most popular. The main ingredient is here tomatoes, of course. But the varied taste is achieved by a variety of spices and herbs, different crushed or treated prior to the addition to tomatoes. For example, sauce "Ukrainian" TM "Kuhar Richelieu" has a wonderful "national" taste thanks to good added garlic a good, chopped small equal piece. Barbecue without it does not happen. Do you realize how much depends on the barbecue sauce.

Each sauce is a piece of art. Properly combine all the ingredients to balance the taste - not an easy task. But the happy faces of gourmets worth of it.

Stay healthy!

Author: Maxim Logvynenko