2016-03-28 - 2016-06-20


20% FREE Promo

Can you get MORE mayonnaise for the same money?

Yes, you can because the Kukhar Rishelie™ (Cook Richelieu) trademark launches its +20% FREE springtime promotion! The idea of this giveaway is very simple: there will be a 20% increase in the filling size of the popular doy-pack package for our 67% Cook Richelieu Mayonnaise, while the price remains unchanged. The promotion package is easy to notice, thanks to its larger size and a "+20% bezkoshtovno" (20% free) label on a highlighted background.

Everyone in Ukraine is invited to take advantage of this promotion and get a bargain on purchasing Kukhar Rishelie™ mayonnaise — Look for Kukhar Rishelie™ promo mayonnaise packages at grocery stores and supermarkets!

Detailed terms and conditions of this promotion are available on both Russian and Ukrainian versions of this page.