Happy anniversary!

We are really excited to announce that our company, a major Ukrainian foods producer known best by the Korolivsky Smak brand and a couple of others like Kukhar Rishelie, is celebrating its 25th anniversary today!

Yes, December 18, 2017 is the day when Private Enterprise "Viktor and K" in Vlasivka, Ukraine, the producer and exporter of sunflower oil, mayonnaise, ketchup and a range of other foods, indeed turns twenty-five.

Over the years since its establishment in the far-away 1992, the company has succeeded to make a giant leap and evolve from a local producer to a national foods supplier, all thanks to its constant focus on further development, improvement of production and management processes, its balanced marketing policies, and—last but not least—a steadily high level of quality guaranteed for all of its products.

Today, the group of companies lead by Viktor and K operates two powerful full-cycle sunflower crushing sites and several interrelated production facilities covering mayonnaise, tomato products, etc. as well as a series of silo installations in several regions of Central Ukraine, making use of its advanced local infrastructure and convenient transportation routes. But it is not only the domestic food market that we serve: our sunflower oil and mayonnaise are exported commercially on a daily basis to dozens of the world countries.

A worthy milestone to celebrate our 25th anniversary is the ongoing construction of a totally new soybean crushing facility that will cover production of refined soybean oil and a range of related products. The construction works are still underway, moving confidently towards their completion.

The past quarter of a century has been full of hard work, doubt and inspiration, difficulties and achievements in overcoming those, hoping, planning, and seeing the very real results and accomplishments taking shape—it also was 25 years of life. Our creed is in creating, building value, and improving, and we are truly proud about everything that we have been able to do, achieve, and make happen, and also proud about the fact that on its 25th birthday, Viktor and K stands as an esteemed national producer and exporter, a reliable business partner, and a socially responsible employer.