A photo with 'Olivier' gets you a trip to Paris from 'Kukhar Rishelie'!

Are you a good cook and your cooking also looks great? Are you a selfy fan? Perhaps, dreaming about going to the romantic Paris, or just love to win prizes? If you can answer yes to that, our photo contest is just for you!

There are only some hours that are left before our picture game begins: it is open to anyone who wants to get recognized for making his or her own version of the well-known Olivier salad using our Kukhar Rishelie mayonnaise, making a selfy, and uploading it to rishelie.info. Just make sure to tell your friends about this, so that you get the most votes and have a chance to finally win our grand prix!

Detailed terms of this promotional activity can be found at: rishelie.info (available in the Ukrainian language only).

Can't wait to see your fun, creative, and simply delicious photos!