NEW: All-purpose seasoning and Chicken broth

Our Kukhar Rishelie seasoning and spice product lineup has just been significantly expanded: this time, we are introducing two new products at the same time.

First, it is our new all-purpose seasoning (its Ukrainian name is Universalna, which means 'all-purpose'). It provides a combination of herbs and vegetables that are most commonly used in cooking, and it will surely come handy for making soups or bouillons and will definitely add savor to just about any meal, also in combination with other spices or seasonings.

Second, meet our instant home-style chicken broth: all you need, is some boiling water and 2-3 minutes, and get a mug of delicious and aromatic chicken stock, so much like the one usually made at home. Certainly, our chicken broth concentrate can be easily added as an ingredient when cooking soups or various main courses.

We invite you to start using our all-purpose combination seasoning in your cooking and get yourself a mug of the delicious hot Kukhar Rishelie instant chicken broth — you are going to like it.