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Sunflower Fatty Acids

<p>Sunflower fatty acids are obtained as a side product of sunflower seed processing in production of refined sunflower oil. It is a complex mixture of organic acids, including linoleic, oleic, and other acids naturally contained in sunflower oil. Fatty acids are an industrial product that requires further processing and are most commonly used as an ingredient for formula feed supplement production.</p> <p>Quality sunflower fatty acids are available for sale and export from a production facility operated by Gidrosend LLC and certified to comply with the requirements of the GMP+ feed safety assurance system. Fatty acids are recovered from the soap stock using sulfuric acid and subsequent distilling. In compliance with the GMP+ rules, samples from every batch of our fatty acids are analyzed at an independent European laboratory (Nofalab B.V., SGS SA, Eurofins Scientific).</p> <p>Fatty acids are shipped using specially fitted tank trucks or railroad tanks.</p>