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PET bottle, 0.815 L (750 g)

Zapashna (Aromatic) crude sunflower oil

<p>Pressed crude oil with a naturally warm aroma</p> <p>Kukhar Rishelie™ Zapashna (Aromatic) crude sunflower oil has a prominent amber color and the pleasantly rich taste and aroma of freshly roasted sunflower seeds. This fine oil will add a warm, sunny touch of the traditional Ukrainian cooking style to you dishes, and besides, it contains lots of vitamins and beneficial microelements. Best suited for cold dishes and vegatable salads!</p> <p>Produced under strict quality control in compliance with the DSTU 4492:2005 national standard.</p> <p>Key quality indicators:</p>

Parameter name


DSTU Standard Spec

Color number, mg Iodine10no more than 25
Acid number, mg KOH/g0.6-1.0 <p>no more than 4.0</p>
Moisture and volatiles content, % by weight0.03-0.15no more than 0.15
Phosphorous substance content, % by weight0.05-0.20no more than 0.40
Peroxide number, 1/2 O mmol/kg3.0-6.0no more than 7.0
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